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DVD-Mighty Raju - The Great Pirate - Movie

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Mighty Raju - The Great Pirate - Movie

One night three Ninjas who are sent by Karati sneak into the Reserve Bank of Aryanagar. Raju gets the signal and rushes to the bank to save the documents containing the Indian Missile Control Secrets. The next day Julie is very excited to read some Great news about Mighty Raju, and opens a fan club page for all the kids who Love their super-hero.

On the other side, Karati is hiding in an abandoned ship and thinking of plans To defeat mighty raju. Sometime later the dock of Kolkata is attacked by Dark Wind, the most dangerous criminal in the world. Commisioner Khanna is tensed and meets Mighty Raju for help.

Will Raju's inventions help detect the pirates and Karati's wicked plans?

Languages : Hindi, English,Tamil And Telugu

Duration : 71 Minutes

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